Virtualizing Windows Server 2022 and accessing it via RDP through a VPN

Got your hands on a root-server with some serious power under its hood? You've heard of people running their own Windows Servers for AD-provisioning and other things, all behind a VPN to keep things secure? You've heard terms like "kvm" or "qemu" before, but nether really bothered to look them up or to get into the topic of seeting up VMs on a headless system? Well then, you've come to the right place!

Addons for ServerPackCreator!

Version 3.x.x will be supporting addons!A working example of such an addon is available at ServerPackCreatorExampleAddon. Dev-builds are available at my GitLab. Basically, the way it is currently implemented, it allows users to run any additional operation right after a…

Important update to ServerPackCreator

To all Fabric users who have used ServerPackCreator to create server packs for their Fabric modpacks!Kreezxil discovered a bug regarding the installation of the Fabric server in the server packs. SPC installed the servers for the wrong Minecraft versions for…

ServerPackCreator updated to 2.1.0

ServerPackCreator 2.1.0 releasedFeature expanded: As well as specifying directories which should be included in your server pack, you can now explicitly specify files from your modpack to be included in your server pack, too! In order to tell ServerPackCreator to…