GUI galore!

I’ve just released an update for ServerPackCreator which adds a GUI to the whole thing!

Not to worry though. ServerPackCreator still supports being run via CLI, as you can see in the screenshot above.
To continue using it via CLI, you must execute the JAR via java -jar serverpackcreator-2.0.0.jar -cli or if you want to generate a new configuration file from the commandline, execute java -jar serverpackcreator-2.0.0.jar -cgen

Get the latest version of ServerPackCreator over at the release page on GitHub.

If you encounter any issues, the About-tab has two buttons which will be of use to you. The left one will create HasteBins of your latest serverpackcreator.log and the configuration file you used, and the middle button will open the GitHub issues page in your browser, so you can immediately start reporting those darn issues!

Happy playing!