Survive Create Prosper 4 updated to 4.5.5

I’ve released a small update which mostly focuses on updating mods. I’ve only added one mod so far. Said mod is still in beta, but I couldn’t wait to include it.

The mod in question is Enhanced Celestials by Corgi Taco. If you remember the Blood Moon mod for 1.12.2 and earlier versions, you’re going to love this mod. It brings back the Blood Moon event and introduces the so called Harvest Moon.

During a Blood Moon monster spawns increase, so the likelyhood of dying is through the roof, unless you know how to protect yourself.
During a Harvest Moon, crop growth is increased as well as animal breeding.
There’s also the lovely red tint during the Blood Moon. Gods, I love that tint.

Changelog for 4.5.5:

Survive Create Prosper 4 has been updated to version 4.5.5



  • From YUNG’s Better Mineshafts (Forge):
    • IF YOU’VE USED THE MOD BEFORE, DELETE YOUR EXISTING bettermineshafts/1_16 DIRECTORY! Many of you ran Better Mineshafts 2.0 with an old version of YUNG’s API, resulting in some corruption to your bettermineshafts config folder. Please delete that directory before running this version to ensure your config files are fixed!
    • Because Curseforge won’t accept new jar files added by Forge 1.16.5, I can not upload a server pack at the moment. It get’s declined by CurseForge for including non-approved jar-files. Until Curseforge fixes this, you will have to build the server pack yourself. For a guide on how to do that, see How to build SCP4 server pack.
  • **Updated Forge to 36.0.1
  • Added:
    • Enhanced Celestials
  • Updated:
    • ☃ Snow! Real Magic!
    • AIOT Botania
    • Architect’s Palette
    • Architectury
    • Auto Ore Dictionary Converter
    • Blame (Forge)
    • Botania
    • CraftTweaker
    • Dynamic Surroundings
    • Einstein’s Library
    • End Remastered
    • FastFurnace
    • FTB Chunks
    • FTB GUI Library
    • FTB Teams
    • PackMenu
    • Ping
    • Placebo
    • Polymorph (Forge)
    • Project MMO
    • Quark
    • Ring of Blink [FORGE]
    • Ring of Repair [FORGE]
    • Ring of Return [FORGE]
    • Ring of Teleport [FORGE]
    • Ring of Unseen [FORGE]
    • Snow Pig [Forge]
    • Tinkers Bounce Pad
    • XP Tome
    • YUNG’s API (Forge)
  • Changed:
    • Quark:
      • Enabled Experimental features:
        • Underground Biome
    • Profile Name:
      • Included Minecraft Version in the name
    • PackMenu:
      • Splash Text:
        • Changed “I miss the ItemZoom mod” to “THE ITEMZOOM MOD IS BACK! WOOHOO!”
        • Added a couple more lines
    • ☃ Snow! Real Magic!:
      • Enabled snow accumulation during snowfall
      • Disabled snow making ice (Serene Season should do that)