Survive Create Prosper 4 updated to 4.3.3

Aaaaand another update for Survive Create Prosper 4!

I discovered two rather annoying problems with update 4.2.2 which needed to be fixed. I used the chance to update and overhaul the mods in this modpack. As a result, a couple of mods were removed as they were pretty much duplicates of things already in the pack. I also got rid of KubeJS and it’s Immersive Engineering extension.
I currently have no use-case for KubeJS and it currently creates more problems with the rest of the modpack as it could potentially solve. As a result, it’s gone!

I’ve also removed The Undergarden as I am moving my focus to improving the dimensions already in Minecraft with additional content and enhancements. During Survive Create Prosper 3 I made the mistake of adding dimension mod after dimension mod, which resulted it quite the amount of lag on servers since they had to manage multiple dimensions. Now, there’s only the Overworld, the Nether and the End and those will be my focus from this day moving forward.

For more details, check the changelog:

Survive Create Prosper has been updated to version 4.3.3


- Added:
	- Login Protection

- Removed:
	- Architectury (Forge)(Dependency of KubeJS)
	- Engineer's Tools (fixes #2 )
	- KubeJS & KubeJS Immersive Engineering (fixes #1 , also caused strange crash after updates to several other mods: GitHub Gist . Will be added back to SCP4 once it's more stable with the rest of the modpack and I actually have a use-case for it.)
	- Rhino (Dependency of KubeJS)
	- Ring of Attraction (Already present with: Reliquary Coin of Fortune)
	- Ring of Enderchest ((Already present with portable Enderchest)
	- Ring of Growth (Already present with: Reliquary Lilypad of Fertility)
	- Ring of the Miner (Already present with: ProjectMMO vein mining )
	- ServerConfigUpdater
	- The Undergarden (Moving focus to expanding content in Overworld, Nether, End)
- Updated:
	- Aquaculture 2
	- Archer's Paradox
	- CoFH Core
	- Dungeon Crawl
	- Dungeons Gear
	- Dynamic Surroundings
	- Extreme Reactors
	- Mantle
	- Mystical Agraditions
	- Polymorph (Forge)
	- ProjectMMO
	- Quark
	- ZeroCore2
- Changed:
	- Login Protection:
		- Set the protection time to 60 seconds

As always, the client and servers can be found on CurseForge.